Adult College Graduation Gifts - Great Graduation Gift Ideas for College and Grad School Graduates.

Adult College Graduation Gifts

adult college graduation gifts

Need some ideas for adult college graduation gifts?
Read this to get some inspiration:

  • Things for their new place:

    College and grad school graduates often move to a place of their own, and they need things to start new independent life:

    Cool kitchen stuff: you can get cooking books (because I guarantee you – your graduate won't be able to live on pizza), coffee maker, mixer, toaster, all kinds of dishes, cleaning products, etc.

    Housewarmings: flower vase, a pretty pillow, a cool lamp…these can be great gifts for someone who needs to decorate a new home.

  • Things that can help with his career:
    One thing that is common between all college graduates…job hunting. Read more about job hunting gifts for college grads here.

  • Insperational books:
    To help them figure out what they want their life to be like. There are lots of books that can help your graduate make his life even better. The focus should be on books that can help the graduate find a job more easily, like books that talk about body language and interview skills.

    Inspirational books are also great college, grad school and high school graduation gift ideas.

    There is one book that I've found out about just lately and it's not included in the other list. I'm talking about the book:"the other 8 hours" written by Robert Pagliarini. This book explores the very simple but powerful idea that time is our most important asset and using it correctly can get us anywhere we want.
    Everybody can benefit from reading the book, especially graduates who have big dreams and a lot to achieve.

  • Luggage:
    Many college graduates and grad school graduates take trips after graduation, move out, and travel because of work. Graduation is the perfect opportunity to get your graduate a nice set of luggage.

  • Dinner and a movie of the month club:
    If you choose to give a membership in the dinner and a movie month club, the recipient will receive delicious pasta and a special sauce of his choice, once a month – for as long as you choose.
    You can buy 3, 6 or 12 month membership, depends on your budget.
    This gift is perfect for graduates who love food, but don't like cooking it…

  • Laptop:
    As someone who owns a laptop and emotionally attached to it, I can tell you that if you get the graduate a good laptop – he will love you forever.
    A laptop can make your graduate life so much easier. He can work from anywhere: for instance, he could use dead time like train rides to work, instead of working while he is could be with family and friends.

    A laptop is not just a luxury these days!

  • Wine gifts:
    One of the advantages of buying a graduation gift for an adult graduate is that you can buy him wine gifts without breaking the law…
    You can get the recipient a prestigious wine, champagne (that you can toast together), or you can think big and give a wine of the month club membership.

  • Prestigious pen and portfolio:
    The "prestigious" is to make the recipient make the right impression – he is going to need that during job hunting.
    And the rest is because pen and portfolio are so useful when it comes to organizing your life!

  • Leather card holder:
    Like the pen and the portfolio, it's useful, and if you can add a prestigious touch to it – why not?

Now what?

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