Cash Graduation Gift Etiquette - How Much Money Should You Spend On A Gift To A Distant Relative?

In this page you can find a lot of useful and specific information about cash graduation gift etiquette for distant family.

What do I mean by distant family? Well, cousins, grandchildren nephews, nieces.

Everyone who is not your mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister.

Your cousin is graduating. congrats! And you don't know what would be appropriate to get her as a present.


The first thing you should do is use your judgment on the matter:Are you friends with the grad? If you are – you can't give the minimum possible (unless you can afford only the minimum). You need to get her/him something nice that really means something.

If you are indeed also friends with the graduate then I'm sure that you don't only feel obligated – you want to get something nice that will really how you feel.

In this case you should get a present that costs around 50 bucks.

What Happens If You Don't Know Your Relative That Well?

If you are not that friends with the grads then you don't have to think about the present to much. Money would be a great gift, grads need money the most and most of the time people who are close to them don't give them money because they think it's too impersonal. Cash graduation gift etiquette Cash graduation gift etiquette for distant family is usually $25. You can give it as cash or as a gift card.There are all kinds of gifts card, so if you know what the grads like get him/her something that you know he/she love.

And if you have no idea which card will be best you can also give a gift card to wal-mart – everybody would need it, especially someone who is graduation and starting a whole new independent life.

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