Cheap Graduation Gifts - Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Less Than $50

Cheap Graduation Gifts
Cheap Graduation Gifts

So it is graduation time and you would love to give the young to be graduate something special but don’t have a lot to spare.

There is nothing to worry, since all hope is not lost and your pocket would be happier with some great ideas for cheap graduation gifts we have in store for you.

Now let us do something different here apart from the blessings of grandma in the form of money and pens from an uncle or an aunt to keep the graduate happy as well as show their goodwill.

As a parent of the young graduate you can now be hip and trendy with cool stuff that come way below the fifty buck line and the gifts are aplenty in the market or online.

So hop on and let us show you what not a fifty buck bill can get your graduate as Cheap Graduation Gifts.

Your aim is to give the best and not necessarily the costliest so here are a few items that may catch your fancy as a gifting option this time around.

  • A college emergency box that comes way below fifty dollars can have enough space and storage options for items like, extra underwear, snacks for that late night study or get together in the dorms with the pals or even hiding magazines and CD’s from other people around, better still keeping the beers safe and sound.

  • Cheap Graduation Gifts

  • In a dorm the laundry can be a hassle, hence these days we have laundry hampers within the range of fifty that come with the detergent and softeners with quarters to go and instructions to guide the young graduate who wouldn’t want his underwear in the laundry lines long overdue.

  • Cheap Graduation Gifts

  • With no mommy and daddy around, the young graduate would now need a wake up call and not with a cold shower but with an alarm clock. The new age alarm clocks available come with a system to jump off and run till the time the lazy graduate wakes up and shuts it off and then there would be no time to snooze.

  • Socializing and making new friends is an important way to get around college life, especially with your seniors and batch mates who would now be your buddies, some life long. So get them a pack of “Getting- to – know- you” cards or even the famous “Underpaid –girls” as a gift that is way under the fifty buck benchmark.

  • Cheap Graduation Gifts

  • Get new picture frames in sets where one side you put the graduates pictures with their old friends and keep the other side empty to fill in with new ones they would make in college.

  • Get your daughter or son a subscription of their favourite glamour or sport magazine to keep them occupied when they are alone, this way they would enjoy their free time in the middle of the night and not get into any form of troubles happening around these days.

  • Cute pieces of jewellery for those who already have everything they want that money can buy would be the best option if you don’t have all the money to buy them that one thing they want and shoots way above your dream spending limits.

Cheap Graduation Gifts

So now that you have some ideas for cheap graduation gifts, how many are you going to get for the young graduates you know this time around?

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