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graduation gift ideas

Why looking all over the net for college graduation gift ideas? Instead you can just ask...

eGrad performed a national poll in which soon to be grads told them which graduation gifts they would much rather getting and which gifts they wouldn’t want to be getting at all.

Take a look at the polls' results – it can help you figure out which of the gift suggestions for college graduate will be happily accepted and which won't.

1. A trip to Europe.

Almost everybody dreams about exploring the world and Europe is very popular right now. A rough estimate of the price of that kind of trip is $1000 per week. graduation gift ideas 2. Laptop computer.

Who hasn’t has a laptop these days? Chances are that your graduate wants one too. A laptop computer is very useful – actually, I got a laptop from my parents for my graduation and I can honestly say that this is the most useful gift I've ever gotten.

It allows me to work anywhere – restaurants, coffee houses and my train rides are not a waste of time anymore.

A laptop is a much recommended gift for college graduates. graduation gift ideas 3. IPod.

People who love their music and videos simply can't live without them. If your graduate is a music lover you will make him very happy if you get him one.

4. Flat-screen, plasma television. No more explanations needed… 5. DVD player

6. Tivo

Watch your favorite shows from anywhere. Very useful gift to people who love watching TV but can't sit on the TV couch all day long. graduation gift ideas 7. Digital camera

No wander this gift is among the most wanted gifts- a digital camera is a great thing, it helps you capture moments of your life so you can remember them when you are older.

I have a weakness to this gift because I didn’t use to be a camera person and now I don't have a lot of pictures from important times of my life.

Maybe if someone had bought me a camera, things would have been different. 8. Six month student loan repayment

9. One - year gym membership

As a student I gained a lot of weight because I simply didn't have the time to work out. This is a very useful, important gift!

10. Car

I only got my driver license a few months ago and I don't understand how I could manage without it.

A car is independency and confidence and this is graduation from college we are talking about. This is exactly the time.

So now you know what the graduates want more than anything. My advice to you - before you go check other college graduation gift ideas, think about those gifts. You can’t go wrong with them. The next list is the list of the gifts that the graduate wouldn't want to get from you…

1. Paper Weight 2. Pen 3. Tie clip 4. Money clip 5. Desk clock 6. Photo album 7. Picture frame 8. Food basket 9. Daily planner 10. Flowers

You will notice all of those gifts are not traditional ones. Yes, we live in a new (electronic) world!

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