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You will find out that all the college graduation gift suggestions In this particular page focus on one main issue: Vacation!

College students work very hard and when they finally graduate they can use a refreshment. However, most of them are broke and can't afford themselves the luxury.

So help your dear graduate to breath a little bit before staring the real, stressful life…send him to a nice vacation! In order to decide which vacation to send him to you need to figure out a few things:

1. How big is your budget? You can send the graduate to a week - long ski trip and you can take him to a restaurant and a movie. It all depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the gift.

2. What does the graduate like? For an example, you don't want to get a woman who likes hiking, biking, rafting etc. a relaxing spa day, or a sport related experience day to someone who is afraid of balls...(Someone like me...)

graduation gift ideas-spa so lets get down to it: the best college graduation gift suggestions involving sending the graduate out to have the time of his life...

  • If you are buying a graduation gift for a woman you can send her to a spa day, have her get long massages, beatify herself and have a fun, relaxing day.
  • You can also take her out shopping and make a whole day out of it: shopping, a movie and a nice restaurant.

  • Arrange a day out together: it can be anything you guys love to do together: a beauty day: pedicure, manicure, shopping and then a meal in a really nice place (which you will pay for, it's a gift after all.)
  • It can be a picnic together, movies day, a museum, you can go clubbing – anything you can think of.

  • Do you know what music he/she loves? Great! Give him a ticket to a concert of his favorite band.

  • Experience gift: the idea is very simple: give the recipient any kind of experience. It can be dance class if the graduate likes it, extreme sports experiences, and everything else you can think of.
  • If what you have in mind is not just one day of fun but a mini vacation then you can send the graduate to a Fabulous beach vacation,cruise or camping, treat him to a few days at a nice hottel: Good food, a swimming pool and a new environment are always good, especially if you've just finished three years of hard work.
  • you can send him/ her to a hottel using a gift card. that way, the graduate gets to choose when to go.

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