College Graduation Gifts for Men

college graduation gifts for men

College Graduation Gifts for Men

Looking for some ideas for college graduation gifts for men?

Gadgets are great as graduation gifts for men, and you should also consider a tasteful men's' jewelry as graduation gift for guys.
And of course - electronics .

Plus, most guys would be more than satisfied to get sports related gifts. If your guy loves sports, as fan or a player, you might find his gifts right here:

Gifts for Sports Fans:.

  • Tickets to see his favorite sports team: Make it a whole night out: the tickets, money to eat later, the whole package.

  • College & NCAA gifts: if the graduate is a college bound than this would be a perfect gift for him. For an example, if he goes to the grand valley state university you can get him Valley State Lakers single ring swivel bar stool, or flag poles.

    For university of Idaho future students you can get an Idaho Vandals Schutt NCAA licensed mini helmet.
    you can also think about NCAA home & office decor, NCAA outdoor décor, college hats – all of this goodness is available here.

  • Sports gifts for NBA basketball fans: personalized frame prints of exciting moments: it’s a little hard to explain this very cool sport gift, but I'll try my best…
    Think of a really important NBA game.
    Now, think about a very crucial, happy moment that took place in that game.
    If you were a sports fan, would you like to get a picture of this very precise moment?
    Most NBA fans would. But your happiness will be even bigger when you see your name on one' of the players shirt!

  • NBA 2010 team wall calendar:every NBA fan would be thrilled to get one of these babies.
  • Gifts for NHL hockey fans: NHL desk lamp: every college student needs a desk lamp, so let it be a NHL hockey lamp… It's available in three colors.

    A light up lawn figure: there is one for every hockey group, check it out, this is definitely my favorite!

  • Gifts for NFL football fans:choose the gifts by the specific football that the graduate is a fan of. There are lamps, apparels, wall decorations, watches and jewelries and more – all carrying logos and photos of the different football groups.

  • Ok, enough with sports fans gifts.

    Let's say you are looking for a gift for a college bound who is going to college on a sport scholarship, or just someone who really loves to plays football, golf or any other sport:

    Gifts for golfers:

  • Initialed golf shoe bag: a personalized golf shoe bag, a nice way for the golfer to carry his golf shoes.

  • Personalized golf towels: apparently, golfers need towels in order to dry their hands and their golf balls. So give your favorite golfer a personalized towel, to make him feel special…

  • Hockey Gifts:

  • Hockey t-shirts: you can find here plenty of hockey themed t-shirts. I simply love this one and that one is great for hockey chicks… (I know that tactically this is not a men's' gift but come on…this one is sooo cute!)

  • Watches: hockey themed watch is practical, and it has a sentimental value if you choose to customize it with a photo of his sport team.

  • Gifts for baseball players:

  • Personalized baseball gloves and baseball holder:this one looks like the real stuff, and the recipient can put a signed ball on it, if he has one.

  • Engraved baseball bat:every baseball player need a bat, so give your baseball player an engraved one!

  • Sports Gift Baskets for Men

    Sports gift basket is a great gift idea for a sports fanatic…
    You can make it yourself – just take some small and not expensive items, like a sports photo frame, sports mug, themed bag, some energy bars, etc.

    However, if you don't want to make it you can always buy one.

Have more ideas for college graduation gifts for men? Please, share with me.

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