Creating a Photo Collage: Instructions on How to Make a Photo Collage & Useful Links.

Creating a photo collage
Creating a photo collage

We all love to do crazy things and love to have them stored for rounds of laughter in future don’t we? Well when we are in our younger days, the things we do would be unimaginable, only to feel awkward, awful or embarrassed when we age and look back at all those memories, nevertheless we must say it is fun!

But the very thought of Creating a photo collage scares many. A myth like it is tough and not friendly with the hands and mind creates an obstacle to making the best collage you could ever dream of.

Now with this write up I aim to help you better understand the tips and tricks on getting the best out of creativity within you, and you would be surprised at the hidden talents that you posses and never knew of.

Creating a photo collage With the help of the best software for editing photos one can begin their venture on collage making. Patience and a little time on hand should be the main pre requisites apart from a digicam and a printer. These days in the market one would find amazing software’s available for the need of collage making, for example PhotoShop Elements.

The software works wonders and is a bundled item’s along with printers, scanners or even a digital camera.

I suggest the use of PhotoShop Elements version 2.0, you can download the free 30-days-trial here and here are the steps on how to Creating a photo collage with the help of it:
  • Always keep your theme to begin with SIMPLE.

  • Start with a blank document with the help of the software for editing the photo.

  • The end result size of the document should be equal to that of the blank document.

  • Try with an 8x10 and resolution of 300 to have the best results when it comes to printing.

  • Select the pictures in groups of ten to begin your venture with.

  • Drag the pictures after you open them one by one to the blank document.

  • Do a resize only if needed or else let it be.

  • Shift and check the positioning of the photos to the suitability of corners or space.

These were the steps on how to begin with, once you master this then the challenge begins with BLENDING. Over here one needs to have patience and creativity flowing at all times. You are required to take the help of an eraser tool along with the size that the photos need to be.

For better results use an eraser tool with an edge that is blurred for best blends. Get the hard edges of the photo removed and then allow the blending of one to the other happen with the need for resizing them if necessary.

Creating a photo collage

Remember, this is a skill that needs no teaching, but a little practice can be enough to master the game. Use the step backward tool if you are unhappy with what you are doing to get the desired effect. Once this is done the final polish needs to be given with adjustments and touches.

Always save your work in the .PSD format (which would allow you later modifications) and later on as .JPEG (the final product).

Now after reading this, do you still think that making a collage is a mammoth task?
I guess not! So go ahead and enjoy making your memorable moments come alive.

More useful links:

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    shapecollage:Like the photomix, you can also find good tutorials on how to use this software to create photo collages.

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