Creative gift ideas graduation: 6 Gift Ideas That Graduates Don't See Every Day...

Creative gift ideas graduation: it's time to be creative!

1. Graduation Gift Icon: a digital gift.This very cool gift is simply a digital signature that looks just like them. The recipient can use your gift in the virtual world: MySpace, faceBook, cell phones and a lot more.

If you are looking for something creative and you know that the recipient uses social websites and loves them – this might be the right gift. You can find more information about this creative gift at

creative graduation gift - caricture

2. Personalized caricature of the graduate: If you have a picture of the graduate you can have him caricaturized. This is a funny gift – not so useful like the previous one but definitely a memorable, creative gift. for more information go to

3. Inspiration jar: sometimes people need inspiration. Most of the times it happens when facing challenges in life. A word of inspiration from a good friend can lift you up and give you strength to do whatever it is that you need to do:

Take a pretty jar and fill it out with messages of love and inspiration. In a time of need, the recipient will be able to read the messages.

1. Photo purse. This is a gift that you can buy or make yourself:buy a nice purse, choose the pictures that mean to the graduate the most and put them on the purse, just like you are used to put pictures on shirts and pillows.

The graduate will take his memories with him everywhere he goes...

4.You can use paper Mache to create personalized graduation figures. Here are some samples for what you can do.
Paper Mache can be a little tricky at first but it worth the efforts. The final outcome is unique and beautiful and this is a gift that graduates don't see all day. This tutorial will help you make lifelike figurines.

5. You can make a bag yourself (instructions here) and then you can do whatever you want with it: put the name of the graduate and the year of graduation on it, put photos of the graduate on it.

Or you can simply decorate it and fill it out with candies or smaller gifts.

If you are good with designing things and not so much with creating them you can design yourself a pre-made bag.

creative graduation gift ideas 5. Homemade sun jar. Creative and useful. Great for the dorm or simply to light the room at night. If the graduate moves away - this will look good in his new apartment.

6. Put the graduate picture on a magazine cover. You can design the cover yourself and make it special by "moving" the picture to the future.

For an example, if you know that the graduate wants to be a doctor and find the cure for cancer, you can design a cover with his picture that says "the person who has found the cure for cancer talks about his amazing achievements…"

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