Creative Ways to Give Money as Gifts for Graduation


Read some creative ways to give money as gifts.
I hope you find them useful, and if you do – please let me know about it.

Plus, I'm always happy to get more creative ideas, so if you have other creative ways to give money as gifts please let me know, I would publish it here on this site so everybody will enjoy your creativity!

Money origami:

There are lots of cool ways you can fold money: you can fold it as graduation cap, a flower (or even a flower bouquet if you have the energy and time), a class ring – and frankly everything.

Graduation balloon:

Get a graduation balloon, put the money in it and blow it up. Don't forget to give the recipient a clue about it – otherwise he might think that you've just given him a graduation balloon.

Put the money as the wrapping:

Tape the money on a gift box and then wrap the box with a nice, inviting wrapping paper.
In the box put something heavy, like rocks or lots of change. The idea here is to make the recipient think, by the wrapping and the weight of the package, that inside the box is waiting for him a big present.

Money photo frame:

One of the most popular graduation gifts is a photo inside a picture frame. So you can give the photo, which is memorable and sentimental, and between the frame and the picture – stuck the money.

Money graduation cupcake:

Fold the money as small as you can and wrap it with tinfoil. Than bake a graduation cupcake (cupcake that looks like a graduation cap) with the money inside it. Don't forget to tell the graduate to watch his bites; otherwise he will have to wait a couple days before actually getting the money…

Money graduation book:

Books can be great gifts for graduation, especially ones that are filled with advice on how to go through college and things like that. However, many graduates don't considerate books as good graduation gifts.
So you have two gift wrapping options here:

Buy a really good book, that you think is interesting and useful, and put the money inside it.That way, you get to give the educational book and the money all together.

You can buy a thick, boring book that no sane graduate will consider a decent graduation gift. Put the money inside it, and watch the recipients' face when he unwrap it…

Graduation socks:

Who says that socks are bad gifts?
Buy some nerd looking graduation socks (you can find them online, just search "graduation socks").Put the money inside it and put a ribbon on it. All of this will convince the recipient that the socks are actually his gift.

Gift card jam jar:

This one is about a version of cash – gift cards.One of the most creative ways to give gift cards is simply stick it inside a jam jar! You leave it there to be found when it's found, or put it in a way that the recipient can actually see the card through the glass.
Either way – it would be a sweat gift!

Know more creative ways to give money as gifts? Tell me about them!

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