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Free printable graduation cards let you add a personal touch to the graduation gift, and they are especially great if you are on a budget.

To make the job easy for you, I did a search all over the net of websites that offer free printable cards and here are the results: offer a selection of 6 printable graduation cards.

But don't pick a card yet, there are more free cards to see…like the cards offered at .
I love those cards! They are cheerful, filled with color and very pleasant to look at.

This is too a good collection of graduation invitation and graduation cards. Most of those cards are invitations, but you can find some congratulations cards also.
I saved the best cards for the end…

Aren't those cards are beautiful?

Now you have enough free cards to choose from and all you have to do is print and send.

Print…on which paper?

Greeting cards come out very pretty and professional looking when you use coated paper instead of a regular one. Images that are printed on a coated paper are usually sharper and brighter.

So you’ve chosen a card, printed it and now you have to find an envelope to put it in.

If you are making your own card, why not making the envelop also?

Try those instructions

Or try this origami envelope tutorial:

Use quotes or poems on graduation to enrich your card

Yes, the main idea is to write your own words. But there is no harm in adding an inspirational poem or a quote. So go ahead, choose a poem or a quote that you thing would appeal to the graduate and put it in your card.

I'm sure that you've created a beautiful card. Do you have a gift yet? If the answer is no – it's time to get to know the other parts of this site – the graduation gift ideas part. Start from here and move on to any section you want.

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