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When you choose gifts for college grads you need to remember that This is a crazy, crazy word out there and sticking to a job is hard enough, but finding a job is even more difficult.

College graduates are in a big pressure to find a good paying job as soon as they graduate but lack of experience and bad economy aren’t making it easy for them.

  • Nice accessories: You can give the graduate a boost in confidence. If you are buying a gift for a man you can give him a nice tie, a briefcase or a high quality ink pen.

    For women you can get a pretty necklace, an elegant pair of earrings or a nice watch.

  • Another great gift for a job hunter can be a good book about body language and interview skills.
  • If you want to be really creative you can arrange for him to meet with a personal coach to help him with whatever it is that he needs in order to start a successful career. (You will pay for the session of course…)

  • Most of the time a job hunts starts at a job hunting site. Get the graduate started by purchasing a 1 month membership in one of top job sites.
  • If you know the graduate well and you know what his major was, you can get him a gift that will serve him in his career. for an example, for someone who majored in music you can get a music stand, nice accessories for the his instrument, etc.
  • Do you know what gift you want to get but you want to spice it up a little bit? you can through in a recommendation letter. This is great for job hunters - they are frequently asked to present one.

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