Graduation Gifts for Men: What Is the Best Books to Give as Graduation Gifts for Guys?

graduation gifts for men

If you are thinking of graduation gifts for men and are in deep confusion as what to buy for them, believe us when we say, the confusion would never end, and why. Men love anything that shines, jiggles, moves fast, and captures their MINDS, Period!! They don’t care much for the emotional baggage that comes along for gifting and certainly don’t expect that you expect them to care much about it.

We need to understand that a man always wants to be the alpha male around, even when he is with his toys and books, he wants to be the one who distributes them or chooses which to use for the moment.

So here you go their thinking ways, which we cannot blame them, since the days of the cave dwelling the habits have changed but afar.

Anyways, coming back to the point, graduation gifts for men!! Ok, so if you don’t want to spend too much of money on getting them one, which we think you are right on. Then get them something they would appreciate and use FOR A SHORT WHILE.

We recommend inspirational books, now you see, men love living in a world of their own and especially when their egos are given a boost or when they see other MEN who could do it and they now identify with their doings. So BINGO, books it is!!

Here is one of our favorites that every man we know around has sworn to have read it and for once have had sensible discussions with us on them, quite a rarity isn’t it? So you may now want to give it to the man who would be graduating this year. On a serious note - this book we are going to speak about would change the life and thinking pattern of the reader for good, believe us when we say that.

“The Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho, this is one of the ways to say that “thoughts change into actions with the help of the universe lending a helping arm and foot”.

Sources say that the messages contained in its chapters are very powerful and inspiring to the human mind.

Readers across the globe have been able to identify their thought patterns to the writings of Coelho; some say he has written the book keeping them in mind. Most reviews on Coelho’s books have come through men, yes MEN mind you!!

The modern classics name Alchemist comes from Al –Kimia which is an Arabic word and it means to gain wisdom which is ultimate. The story has a protagonist who is a shepherd and his name is Santiago.

It is the life journeys and the people who he meets along the journey around which the story is built and formed. Patience and hard work with abundance of faith gets him to honor bravery and courage and in the end achieve his dreams.

The book clearly talks about why destiny is something that one can never pre ordain, since it never sits cozy in anyone’s lap and to overcome adversities with grit and determination should be ones focus in life, rather than giving up the game right from the beginning.

Till date there have been around 45 million copies sold of this book world wide and it would be nice to present it as graduation gifts for men idea.

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