Graduation Gift Standard - How Much Should You Spend On A Gift For A Close Relative?

Before we start talking about the technical stuff, like the graduation gift standard, there is something you need to think about when you choose a graduation gift for your beloved.

You need to remember that regardless the gift you choose in the end- its your job as a family to make the graduate feel good about himself.

So don't focus to much on how much you are expected to give. instead, focus on making the graduate happy.

As a family you have a huge responsibility. It's your job to make the graduate feel good about himself, it's your job to show him that his hard work is appreciated and that you are happy for him.

How do you do that?

You give him/her a thoughtful, personal gift and especially – you give him a card with warm, loving words in it.

Graduation Gift Etiquette

graduation gift etiquette

If you are buying a gift to your brother or sister than you should spend on the gift around $50-$100, depends if he/she graduating from high school or college. (for more information read this).

You may choose to give the money or if you want to get a more personal gift you can get something that you know you brother or sister will love.

The situation is completely different if you are the graduates' parent. If so, you should give a present that you know your son/daughter wants. The present may cost more than $100, usually the graduate himself tells his parents what he/she wants.

Last Word Of dvice: Gifts Should Come From Your Heart

You should think about this advice if you realize that now you know the graduation gift standard for close family but you also know that you can't afford to buy a gift that costs that much.You have a couple of choices:

1.Buy the gift anyway.(And feel bad about it)

2.Get a cheaper gift that you know the graduate also wants, just not as much as the expensive gift.

3.Explain the situation and promise to but the gift when it's financially possible.

Our favorite option is a combination between option number 2 and 3. This way you get to give a gift and you keep the option to get the nicer gift later on.

The bottom line is: a gift should come from the heart and every gift counts if you bring it out of the right reasons.

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