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Gudgets are a good choice as graduation gifts for men because, well...many guys are gadgets freaks.

The problem with buying a gift to a gadget freak is that naturally - gadget freaks have lots of gadgets and it's not easy to get them something they don’t already have.

So I want to present to you a website that I'm practically in love with: they have the best gadgets and in spite of what you might think – they are not expensive at all.The website is

You can go look for something yourself, or you can stay here, read about the gadgets that I find interesting, and after all – if you don't like any of them you can always go straight to the source.

If you are not a gadget freak yourself you might not be familiar with the products so just press on the link and read the description:

1.Lights and lasers:

Cool sun and moon jars

USB plasma ball

Laser pointer

If you want to look for more ideas go to

graduation gift ideas - gudgets

2.iPod and iPhone accessories

If you are buying the gift to a true gadgets freak he probably already has iPod and iPhone. (If not – this would be a number 1 gift)

Assuming the recipient already has iPod and iPhone, you can still get him something for them:

Pogo iPhone Stylus.

An iPhone Case

Pocket Plant

Travelling And Outdoing Gadgets:

Swedish FireSteel :makes it a lot easier to start a fire in any weather.

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can: It contains 25 survival items, waterproof, floats in water - it's perfect!

Squishy Shot Glass Set: Two shot glasses that you can keep in your pocket.

Car Gadgets:

Coffee Cup Power Inverter: For more car gadgets and other gadgets go to and dig in. this is a gadgets freaks' haven – you will find the perfect gift.

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