Graduation Gift Ideas For Friends - 6 Sentimental Gift Ideas

Graduation gift ideas for friends are not easy to find, most of the time because of a limited budget.

Luckily, friends who are graduating don't expect their friends to give them an expensive gift but a sentimental one:

graduation gift ideas - scrapbook 1. A scrapbook

If you are a girl you've probably scrapbooked before but if not - here are some great tips on How to make a scrapbook.

1.A photo album

3. Collage of photos – this is something that the graduate will be able to take to college and hang it on the wall, to remind himself all the good times. Click to learn the basics of Creating a photo collage.

3. Jewelry

If you are buying a graduation gift for a girl, jewelry is a good choice (unless of course she doesn't like jewelry)

The right jewelry from the right person in the right time can stay meaningful forever. Personally,I have jewelries that I don't even wear anymore but I'll never give away, just because they mean so much to me.

graduation gift ideas - jewlery

So if you are buying for a girl, purchase for her a class ring.

You can purchase it from the school she is graduating from of you can choose a more unique design. You don't even to choose the ring yourself; you might consider giving the graduate a gift card to the jewelry store.

Necklace you can get for both men and women. For a woman get a pearl necklace. This is a classic gift and you can't go wrong with it. You can get a different necklace of course but you should do this only if you know the graduate and her taste in jewelries well enough.

For men, get a leather rope with a steel pendent.

Watch is a good choice if you have absolutely no idea what to get as a graduation gift; this is definitely the classic choice. But make sure to read the article Ten Most Wanted Gifts. before you choose a watch as a gift, scroll down to the most unwanted gifts

4. Another good graduation gift ideas for friends is a framed poem.

This idea is simple: write or find a poem, frame it and you have a beautiful gift. You can make it yourself or buy a nice framed poem all ready.

I realize that it can be hard to figure out how a framed poem should look like, so before you start making it (if you've decided to make it yourself) search the net for some samples.

This is a site that specializes in this kind of things – they have written poems and pictures of the product itself.

Remember – you can't actually use those poems, just look at then in order to get the main idea. 5. A slide show – making a slide show is a good way to capture all the important moments and it has one important advantage: not like photo albums and scrapbook, you can add music to it.

Songs that you heard in a special periods of time in your life will main 'yours' forever. If you could find the songs that are important to the recipients you will make your gift an unforgettable one. 6. Books can also have an emotional meaning.

If you know what book the graduate loves (or will love) – get it for him and do something special: write everything you want to say to him on the cover, get him a special addition, find the author and sign him on the book.

You can also get him a book about graduation that will help him in the new chapter of his life.

Haven't found the perfect graduation gift ideas for friends?

Here are some more ideas.

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