High School Grad Gifts - 19 Things That The Graduate Will Need For College

graduation gift ideas - books for college

The list below contains some great high school grad gifts ideas:

High school graduates need so many things for college so you don't have to go too far looking for a gift for them. give them something they need,something practical: 1. Books for college cost around $600 bucks. This is a lot of money for everyone and especially for a broke high school graduate. So if you could buy some of the books from the syllabus that would be a very much appreciated gift.

Simply look for the syllabus in the colleges' website and decide which books to buy based on your budget. 1. Money. Yes, it's impersonal and it may look like you just didn't want to put a lot of thought into the gift. But the fact is that money is the thing that graduates need the most – books, clothes, new stuff for the dorm – all of it cost money, a lot of money.

If you want to give money but still want your gift to be meaningful you have three options:

1. Give the money in a fun way, like as the final gift on a treasure hunt game, wrap it up nicely, est.

2. Give a personalized gift card. You read more about gift cards here)

3. Add something sentimental to the money – like a picture in a picture frame or a small personalized gift. 3. A book about how to handle college life. You can read more about books that high school graduates might need here.

4. Things for the dorm:

graduation gift ideas - things for the dorm

Here is a list of things that college graduate usually need for the dorm, just pick one of them, or more than one, depend on your budget:

1. Alarm clock

2. Cell phone

3. Bathrobe

4. Flip flops for the shower

5. Hygiene materials

6. Basic linens

7. Cleaning materials

8. Medications and basic first aid stuff

9. Backpack

10. Laundry materials

11. Keychain drive

12. A laptop

13. Mini-fridge

14. microwave oven

15. TV and tunes

16. Housewarmings: a vase to put flowers in, some nice pictures and posters, small furniture's. College students need all that in order to have comfortable dorm life so you can make their "to buy" list a little shorter.

Just get them a good backpack and put in it everything you want to buy for them from the list.

looking for more high school grad gifts ideas? keep searching the site, the perfect gift idea is already waiting for you...

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