Homemade Gift Baskets: Cheap, Creative Ideas for Unique Homemade Gift Baskets

graduation gift ideas - homemade gift baskets

Why give homemade gift baskets instead of just buy one?

Handmade gift baskets can be the answer for people who are looking for creative gift ideas for graduation. Creating gift baskets allow you to give unusual graduation gifts, gifts that no one had given or gotten before.

Some of the homemade gift baskets ideas here fit as college graduation gifts, like the cooking basket and the college necessities basket, and some are good graduation presents for high school graduates – like the friends forever basket.

  • Beauty care basket: put in a basket some beauty products of your choice: a hand cream, perfume, foot cream, and hair products – anything that can be called a beauty product…
    You can add to that a magazine or the book " Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations" or any other related book for that matter.

  • Cooking basket: college graduates usually move out and start their own life in their own place and most of them need to learn how to cook or they will starve to death…
    Giving your graduate a cooking basket can give him a good start – at list he won't have to go buy the cooking book.
    So put in the basket a good cooking book, an apron (you can even personalize one). Then go to a dollar store and get a bunch of ladles, spoons and kitchen stuff.

  • Bath & body basket: put in a basket a body jells, foot lotion, foaming bubble bath, soaps, body lotion, bath salts and other bath products.

  • Books gift baskets: you can give the graduate a gift basket full of good books that he can find useful. If you know that the graduate is looking for a job – wrap up together a few books that talk about finding a job and making good impression in the interview.
    It could be any other theme: going off to college books, memory improvement techniques books and more.

  • Coupons: graduates, colleges or high school, are always short on money. Collect coupons; put them nicely together and when you have enough of them give them to the graduate. Practical and money saving – always appreciated.

  • Neccesities for college gift baskets: new college students need lots of new stuff. Put together a gift basket that contains a few of the items in the college necessities list. You can find that list here.

  • Welcome to the new place gift basket: have you ever moved to a new apartment in a new city? I just recently moved far away from my old place to a new apartment in a completely new city. If someone had given me the" Welcome to the new place gift baskets" that I'm going to describe you, my life in the first months after the move would have been a lot easier…:
    put together a basket that contains cheap housewarmings (try find them in a thrift store) and every information you can find about the city he is moving to.

    Add a map, numbers of fast food places and restaurant in the area, and a guide to the city he is moving to.

    If you know someone from the city where his new place is in, put a note with that person phone number on it. It is always good to know people when you are new in the area.

    All of that are things that he won't think of himself and trust me – it is going to save his life!

  • Do it yourself gift basket: put together in a basket the book "New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual" (available in amazon.com)

    alt text

    and a tool box.

  • Food gift baskets: create a themed food gift basket. Put together lots of chocolates to make a chocolate gift basket, or fruit.
    You can also make it a personalized gift baskets: personalize yourself candy bar wrappers or pay to have them personalized and put them all together in a basket.
    You can also make a few cap cakes that look like graduation caps and wrap them all together to make a beautiful and unique graduation gift basket.

  • Friendship gift basket: make a congratulation video for your graduate; create a collage of photos and a scrap book. Put all of those together and make a 'friends forever gift basket'.

  • Laundry gift basket:
  • this is one of the best homemade gift baskets ideas.

    I have a confession to make:
    the reason I think this one a very good idea is because when I first moved away, I didn’t do any laundry for a whole month (yes, that’s right!)
    just because I didn’t know how.So write down a detailed guide and put together a few necessary laundry ingredients.
    Not very glamorous, but your graduate will thank you later, guarantied!

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