Homemade Graduation Gifts: 8 Creative Gift ideas

home made graduation gift ideas

Why would anyone want to give Homemade graduation gifts? Oh, don't get me started – there are so many reasons for that!

It lets you use your creativity

It allows you to give unique graduation gifts, one of a kind…

Homemade graduation gifts cost a lot less so it is great for people who are looking for cheap graduation gift ideas.

A homemade gift show more than any other gift that you care about the recipient.

And more…

So let's talk homemade gifts!

  • Collage of photos: take all your photos and make a beautiful memories keepsake. The recipient can hang it on the wall and remember the fun moments that you guys had together. Don't worry if you've never made one – we have a few links that will make it easier than you think. As a start, read this 10 steps guide on creating a photo collage.

    This guide has all the basics, and after reading it you can think of more special collage ideas.

    Finally – if you want to go digital there is a free photo collage maker you can use.It is only 30 days trial version but you can use it for this period of time to make your homemade graduation gift.

  • scrapbook: this is also a memory gift that stays with the recipient for a long time. You can do everything you want and be creative as you like when you make the scrapbook, its fun and the outcome is totally you. In case you've never scrapbooked before, here is an 8 steps guide to give you some ideas for scrapbook and these scrapbooking ideas can help to.
    You might also want to check those free printable scrapbook pages and templates.

  • make a video of your life in high school. You can make it light and funny or more serious. Use this website to help you make the best video you can.

  • Make a t-shirt.

    T-shirts are easy to design and you can make a completely unique one as a graduation gifts, you can put photos on it, jokes, quotes – whatever you want.
    alt text
    Here is a tutorial that will help you make your own custom T-shirt.

  • Photo album: buy a pretty photo album and fill it with all the pictures of your important moments. You can get an album that alt text

    has spaces on the sides so you could write your comments on the photos.

  • Plan a special night out with your friend, or even a night in – the possibilities for this kind of are endless! You are going to college and even if you don't – sentimental times like this call for a special evening so you guys can sit and talk and laugh together. As I said before, the possibilities endless, so here is an excellent website with hundreds of ideas.

  • Make jewelry: handmade jewelry is a beautiful gift, it is easy to make and the outcome is unique and one of a kind. This is a site that can help you if you don’t know how to make jewelry.

  • Make a quiltwith the recipients photo on it: it is not easy and requires some skills but it worth the effort.

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