How to Make a Scrapbook - Tips & Ideas for Scrapbook

How to Make a Scrapbook
How to make a scrapbook

Ah!! The scrapbook, a best friend, a silent partner, a punching bag, call it whatever, the scrapbook has and will always be around to keep us comfortable and inclined.

There are various ways and forms to create a scrapbook, it depends on what you want to put in it and how big should it be. Sources say there are people who keep mini scrap books, while some have mammoth ones. You need to make a decision on how big you want your scrapbook to be and what you would want it to look like.

Remember a scrapbook is an extension of you, a part that the world wouldn’t notice, since it is private and personal.

It is also a platform to enhance your creativity from within.

With the perfect blend of colours and the best of quotes either made by you or borrowed from other sources, a scrapbook says it all.

How to make a scrapbook So if you want to give a scrapbook as a memorable graduation gift you don’t need to go to a bookstore to buy one. Rather you can sit in the comfort of your house and spare a little time for yourself and learn from scratch with patience and love, How to make a scrapbook.

Remember in a scrap book, both the photos and the writings would convey a story and the emotions involved.

So make an informed decision on what you would like to engage in your scrapbook from the day you begin making one. After all it is as said an extension of your mind, body and soul – everything you want your best friends to remember.

Here are a few tips that we have for you on How to make a scrapbook:

How to make a scrapbook
  • Old photos and paper cuttings would be wonderful; especially when you want to show the relationship you share with the content.

  • The photos and other visual items should be divided well into various categories and sub categories and themes for the same should be made available.

  • If you choose to keep things in order then one could also opt for putting the pictures or cuttings in a chronological form with years marked under each of them.

  • Use headers for each set of photos , for example “ Christmas Time 2009”, “Easter Fun 2010” or “ Mardi Gras 2007”, its up to you and you can have humorous notes added to it as well.

  • Use colourful paper and backgrounds to have style and vibrancy involved in the making of the scrapbook.

  • Before you start a new theme or a page, do a cover page addition, by describing what one can expect when the pages are turned over or flipped.

  • You may or may not choose to have continuity with pages and themes; it depends on your mood and choice.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start right away with your style and creation.

Once done proudly wrap your scrapbook nicely and give it to your good friend with lots of love.

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