Inexpensive Gift Ideas: 17 Ideas For Graduation Gifts Under $10

graduation gift ideas under 10 bucks

Sometimes you need inexpensive gift ideas - especially when everybody around is graduating and you can't spend $30 on 10 graduation gifts. So here are 17 ideas for cheap gifts.

  • Gifts in a jar: buy a pretty jar, decorate and personalize it and put in it cookies, jam or any other candy that you have in mind.
    This is a good website that has many ideas of gifts in a jar.

    Remember - making the gift jar isn’t enough – you need to decorate the jar, too.

  • Makeup brushes set

  • Cofee mug filled with candies.

  • Address book - and don't forget to put your address in it.

  • Jewelry box: try in a thrift store. If you don't find there, try making a jewelry display. It's easy and fun.

  • Prepaid visa cards and gift cards: buy a $10 worth gift card to Wal-Mart.

  • Picture frame: put a picture of you and the graduate and if you can personalize it and put the name of the graduate and the year of graduation or write some sentences on the frame it would be best.

  • Self personalized chocolate bars: personalizing chocolate bars is easy and all you have to buy is the chocolate bar...

    Read this article and look for the section that talks about how to do that.

  • Pen and stationary

  • Baked food

  • Photo album

  • Cosmetic bag

  • Candles

  • Gourmet foods like: coffee, chocolate.

  • Gadgets Gifts That Cost Less Than 10 Bucks:

    Gadgets gifts have the advantage of being cool. it means that the first reaction after seeing the gift won't be: "that's it? So cheap…" but:"coooooooooool…" or:"so cute…what a great idea for a gift…"

  • Cell phone alarm: tiny device that every time the cell phone in silent and someone call – it spins and flashes. It is perfect for college students who have to keep his phone silent in classes.

    alt text

    You can add a note that says: "so you'll never miss my call, even in college…"

    You can find it at under "doctor who cell phone alert charm", and it costs $10.

  • Keychain speaker: this cool device is gift that I myself wouldn't mind getting. It's a tiny speaker amp that you can hook it to your IPod or any other audio device and it gives good volume and sound.
    This is good for everyone graduate who love his music – and the price is $10. Look at for the Keychain Speaker Amp.

  • Squishy Shot Glass Set: this is simply a shot glass that you can squish into your pocket. The price is $8.99 at
  • alt text

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