Last Minute Gift Ideas - Ideas For Gifts Last Minute That You Can Whip Up Today!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Graduation is around the corner and maybe your son, daughter, niece or nephew or a friend you know of is graduating and worse still you have not found time to shop for something to give them!

Well don’t panic, there is nothing to worry about since you may lose focus on what your aim now is, so here we are with the best Last minute gift ideas that can bring you out of your dilemma in no time, and help you get the best graduation gift for the young grad.

This spring should be a cakewalk for you even if it is last minute shopping for the graduation gift you want to get and moreover hope to find with the best budgeting plans around.

However there are various things to consider before you invest on a graduation gift and here are a few pointers for the same to help you with;

  • Take a look at the young graduates future plans

  • Keep gifts which speak of quality rather the fancy stuff or expensive doles

  • Take into account the graduates interests, their persona, their passion and even the hobbies. If you have no clue of this, then speak to their close BFF’s.

  • In future, PLAN AHEAD.

This is a time of celebration, since now the young one has finished their high school and is on to bigger realms with graduation in their hands.

Here are some ideas to help you with if you are the last minute shopper looking for basic last minute gift ideas;

Last Minute Gift Ideas
  • Shower gift basket, which would have everything from a shampoo to a live in conditioner, washcloths, towels, soaps, perfume, colognes, hairbrushes, loofahs etc, for daily use.

    Now when you get this assembled make sure that the basket is not too huge, no one would have the luxury of space inshowers meant for sharing.

    Also depending on the gender, do put in adequate stuff, most men shudder the idea of carrying around a moisturiser although in secret they would love to use them. Most women are not too comfortable carrying out pads and other personal items.

    So think before you pack and finally, make sure while the basket fits on a narrow stand the basket has a handle that can be fitted well on a hook on the walls of the bathroom.

  • Last Minute Gift Ideas

  • If you would love to have a FUNNY BASKET ASSORTMENT then here are the things you can put in to show them who the DADDY is, especially if your kid is leaving home for the first time and would go haywire with his or her habits.

    Tylenol to help with hangovers, Granola Bars for snacking while studying, Pop Corn and Top Ramen noodles because most cannot conjure up a seven course meal, Detergent to wash their UNDIES and socks (especially the men), Bubbles that will keep them down and yet be a kid inside and finally, stationery and stamps to help them write letters to you ( add a note “ when you feel down write me a note). Fun isn’t it??

  • Money – Always in your pocket and as a last minute gift it's perfect. If you are worried about the money being an impersonal gift, read creative ways to give money as gifts and also get some creative gift wrapping ideas

  • Flowers & balloons: the flowers will be there at the same day you send them, and you can order them by the phone or online.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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