Last Minute Gift Ideas: 47 Creative and Unique Last Minute Gifts Ideas

Tic tack tic tack… the clock is ticking! Who needs some great last minute gift ideas?

Well, here they are! 47 last minute gifts tips & ideas:


Last minute gift ideas

Bake graduation cupcakes: tasty, fun and creative.
In less than 30 minutes you can have a unique, sweat graduation gift: Here are some great easy recipes and graduation cupcake ideas ( .

If you need to come up with some good last minute gift ideas, think about MP3 downloads.

Young people love them and you don't even have to leave the house to get it!

E-book: books are great graduation gifts, and e-books are the perfect last minute gift ideas.Get an e-book in a topic that interests your recipient and you are set to go...

It can be about dogs, baking, music – and the most important is this: no waiting at all. After getting the book you can email it to the graduate, and don't forget to send an e-card too. No doubt, e-books are the perfect last minute gift ideas!

Make a donation: donate money in his name for a cause that the recipient appreciates.

Buy a star and give it his (the recipients') name.

Plant a tree in the graduates' name. This gift really lasts forever; and every person who cares about our world will appreciate it.

You can do it online, fast – and you don't even have to get out of your house.

Magazine subscriptions: pick the right magazine for your graduate, pick the phone and make the subscription. Yes, it's that easy and quick – and there is the right magazine for everyone.

Software license: softwares are great last minute gift ideas.Any software that can interest the recipient will be great. Examples? Photoshop, Microsoft office, Anime studio, etc, be creative, there is software for almost everyone, and the minute you pay online – you have a gift to give.

Video on demand: purchase credits on VOD sites. Every movie lovers will thank you for that one!

…Club of the month: purchase a club of the month membership, there are plenty of themed blubs of the month so be sure that you can find the right one for your graduate.

Purchase a game or a game pack for the graduate. Everything happens online and the recipient is notified through email about the gift – you can even add a special massage from you.

We live in the information era! So give an Evernote subscription - this is the perfect gift for a college bound or graduates who are about to become a part of the business world.
Evernote helps you organize information of any kind, making your life a lot easier and efficient.

Last Minute Gift Ideas that You Can Print:

Photo book or a scrapbook: download a beautiful design that you like and customize it. Add photos, your own words and even a short video. Then you can send it via mail or print it.
If you don't have enough photos to create a photo gift, try enriching your photos collection by using facebook...everybody have photos on facebook!

Customized calendars: add photos, your personal message and print.

Photo frames: choose a beautiful photo frame, add the photo and print it out. It should take about 5 minutes, even less…

Help your college bound or the college graduate organize his life – download and print, for free: organizing labels, school schedules, college course school schedules, lined phone lists, storing labels and more.
Print them all and make a nice gift basket –very efficient, and all you have to do is click and print.

Cookbooks: add your recipes and photos, print and you have a great gift for a cooking lover!

Create a customized book for the giftee: choose a theme for the book and start adding photos, stories, and everything you like actually.
When you are done - order it, choose the one day shipping so you'll get the book the next day, and Walla! You have an actual book - all about the recipient. This option is not free, as opposed to the previous ones.

last Minute Gift Ideas for Musicians:

Musicians friends gift certificate: find it at
It saves the time and energy to look the perfect gift, and your musician friend would love to choose his gift himself.

Purchase a subscription to a magazine which talks about the instrument your recipient plays. You can find magazines about guitar, piano, drums, etc. the gifting process is fast and easy, just find the magazine online and make the payment.

There are all kinds of software for musicians: some help with audio recording, some deal with ear training and theory, some actually teach you how to play certain instruments - get one of those to your giftee. He won't know that you've spent exactly 5 minutes on the gift.

Does your giftee like singing? Purchase a package of voice training lessons for him, if he likes it he can keep on going by himself, and even if he doesn’t – you gave him a unique experience.
For this one you don't have to leave your house, but you do need to start picking up the phone and find the best teacher you can!

Home Recording For Musicians for Dummies – this e-book is a perfect gift for every musician who wants the world to acknowledge his music, and doesn’t have the money to record his stuff at a professional studio. site contains a huge selection of music sheets, which is something that every serious musician needs.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for The Sentimental Graduate:

Graduation poem: choose a nice graduation poem from the wide selection you have on the web, customized and print it on a nice inspirational poster – also available free online. Than go to the HP creative studio and print a nice photo frame – again, free.

Make a gift: this is a beautiful craft that can make a great graduation gift for the sentimental graduate.

Customized homemade fortune cookies: easy and fast to make, this is a very original and tasty way to wish the graduate all the good in the world.

Bake a graduation cake: think creative and tasty. If you have some experience in the kitchen this might be the best solution for your lack of time problem.

Personalized chocolates: there are some great templates of chocolate candy wrappers you can download and customize.
After you do, all you have to do is go to the closest store and buy some chocolates, wrap them with the wrappers you've made and put them together nicely.

Photo collage: even if you have a minimum knowledge in any kind of art software you can make a photo collage in no time.

Last Minute Gift Ideas:Gift Baskets:

Make a chocolate gift basket – here are some recipes for great chocolate treats that you can make in less than an hour.

Make a homesick gift basket from things you can easily make at home: comfort food (or gift certificate to buy some), a photo album with photos in it, phone numbers of friends and family (it doesn’t matter if the recipient already have those numbers, it's the thought that counts), envelopes with addresses and stamps, and a loving/funny letter to cheer the graduate up when times get hard.

Make a "time to study!" gift basket from stuff you have at home or you can buy at the nearest store: all kinds of coffee, sugar, cookies, sweats and a coffee mug.

Make a "let's get to know you" gift basket: college students need to make lots of good friends and fast. Give your graduates gift baskets that they can use at the first nights at the dorms:
"Let's get to know you"! Gift basket for girls:

Go to this website and write down instructions for some icebreaker games. Then, add to the basket looooots of chocolates, cookies and other snacks, so the girls will have food to gossip over with.

"Let's get to know you"! Gift basket for boys:

I have no idea! Girls are easy, but how do you create bonding between boys? I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for that one!

Order gifts and choose the option: 'same day delivery'.
This site offers gift baskets, flowers, balloons and wine gift baskets – all of those will be sent to the recipients house at the same day you make the order.

See also this list of great online stores that offer next day or same day delivery – my advice? Bookmark, this list is very useful, especially if you usually wait till the last minute to get gifts.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Geeks:

Start a blog: try to find a domain name that is very close to the recipient name or related to it in a way and pay for the hosting. The new graduate will be able to use this blog to write about college life or to start a business.
If you want to give this (very original!) gift a boost – add to it an e-book about making profits with blogging.

Audio books: this gift is perfect for graduates who: don't like reading much but love learning and those who are on the road a lot. Find some audio books about body language, interview skills, job hunting or every other topic that might interest the recipient, and purchase them for him.

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Unusual Wrapping Techniques

Use a simple brown paper gift bag, as you can see here. Cheap, only requires a walk to the nearest $ store, and beautiful.

Wrap the gift with newspaper, or even colorful catalog and magazine paper. Very unique, and you can find those wrapping materials at every house.

Download gift wrapping templates and follow the instructions to make a unique and beautiful wrapping. You can make a heart gift box, gift bags with handles, origami bags, etc. here is a great source, with just a little more effort you can find good sources like this one.

If the gift is small, like a gift card, a ring or any other smaller items, you can use a sock to wrap it up with.
This is more a gag gift wrapping and you need to make sure that the recipients' sense of humor is way bigger than the gift. The whole idea is that the graduate sees the sock and thinks you've lost it – and only then find the real gift inside it.

Duct tape gift wrapping! Sounds horrible, isn't it? Well, try this original gift wrapping idea and you might love it, just like I do.

Put the gift in a bottle - another brilliant idea from

How about money? Money is the king of all last minute gift ideas...Graduates need money and lots of it. Read this article to get ideas on creative ways to give money as gifts.

give USFULE homemade coupons for something you know that the graduate really wants. This one is especially good if you are close to the graduate. You can give him 10 hours usage of your car, or coupons to make his laundry.

As you can see, with this list of last minute gift ideas no one has to know that you've waited until the last moment to buy the gift.

Happy gifting everyone!

Do you have some good last minute gift ideas you would like to share with us? Let us know!

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