Monetary Gift Etiquette For Graduation - Gifts For Friends

Monetary gift etiquette for graduation

There are three particular questions regarding monetary gift etiquette for graduation that people who buy gifts for their friends ask themselves:

1.My whole class is graduating, do I have to get gifts for everyone or just to my best friends?

2.How much money should I spend on graduation gift for my friends?

3.I'm going to a party that is hosted by a few graduates, but I know only one of them. Should I bring a gift to all of them or just to the one I know?

Let's Answer Those Questions:

If you are graduating with your class you probably have a lot of parties to go to. Your friends understand that you can't buy gifts to the whole class and they don't expect a gift from you if you are not really good friends with them.

When you are going to a graduation party and you are not such good friends with the graduate – just get a nice card and write meaningful words. If you don't feel comfortable with" just" a card you can add something cute but inexpensive, like a coffee mug shaped like a graduation cap– but that's it.

Oh, and don't show up without the card. Nothing horrible would happen if you didn't bring it but when you are going to a party it's just good manners to bring something.

Monetary Gift Etiquette For Graduation For Good Friends:

Monetary gift etiquette for graduation

As a friend it's your duty to show how much you care about your good friend and how much you are glad that you get to share a special event with him.

On the contrary, a pricy gift may make your friend feel bad about his own gift.

So don't give an expensive gift! This is not your job- it's their families'. What you need to do is to get a sentimental gift, something that your friend will remember your friendship by.

It can be a scrap book with photos of you and your friend, it can be a slide show, and it can be everything that is meaningful to the both of you.

If you want to add to that you can use your knowledge about your friend and get him/her something you know he/she would love. But don't spend more than $50 – it's just not appropriate.

I'm Going To A Party That Is Hosted By A Few Graduates, But I Know Only One Of Them. Should I Bring A Gift To All Of Them Or Just To The One I Know?

No one expects you to bring a graduation gift to someone you don't know! Just bring a gift to your friend and if you want to be really nice you can bring a card to the other graduates.

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