Best Monogram Gifts for Graduation

monogram gifts

Why I love monogram gifts so much?
Because a monogrammed gift is stylish. The personalizing is not so obvious, implied but not shouted.

Gifts like that are usually monogrammed with the recipients' initials, but you can also personalize it with the initials of the college he is going to:

  • Monogram duffle bag:
    What I love about this gift is that it's so very useful for graduates – and not only for them. If the graduate is a college bound than he can use it to bring laundry home, and if not – he could just use it for every other trip purposes.

    By the way, the "he" is not necessarily a "he", you can find bags like that in all colures so if you have a "she" graduate it can be good for her too…

    The best part about it is that when you monogram it you make it completely unique and there is no chance that it will be stolen or mistakenly taken in college.

  • Monogram bath accessories:
    I think that those could make a hell of a gift basket: monogram soap, monogram towels, monogram slippers and monogram head towel wrap.

  • Monogram cuff links:
    This is a great gift for future bankers, lawyers, and other formal professions. In those professions they way you are dressed might determine the way people treat you.

  • Monogram serenity prayer blanket:
    I love this gift because it is so inspirational, and because it will look so very good hanged on the dorm room wall…

  • Gorgeous monogram leather portfolio:
    I know that a portfolio is very useful and useful is more important that pretty bla bla bla…but I can't get over how gorgeous this one is! And you can monogram it, which makes it even more unique and important-looking.
    Get it at indoor décor – office furnishing – leather office accessories.

  • Monogram jewelry:
    Jewelry makes such great monogram gift because jewelry are meant to be unique, and the more special the jewelry the better.

    Monogrammed jewelry pouch, earrings, charm bracelets, pendants, and monogram jewelry box – all of those make great gift ideas.

    By the way, remember that jewelry is not for girls only! There is some beautiful man jewelry, which you can monogram too.

  • Monogram diploma frame:
    If your graduate is a college graduate he is going to need a diploma frame for sure, so monogram one for him – it's a lot more fun to show your diploma off with a monogrammed frame.

Have more monogram gifts that you would like to share? Tell me about it!

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