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Why give personalized watches?

For one reason: watches are very popular graduation gifts, but unless the watch is very expensive and prestigious – they are not such great gifts.
Graduates prefer money, trips, sentimental stuff – in fact, many young people don't even wear watch anymore.

So why give a personalized watch? Because it is not just a watch, it's more special and unique; it's something that sets you from the crowed.So let's talk where you can get one and how you can personalize it:

  • Customized watch for a future nurse:
    Personalized watch for nurse usually has inside it tiny items that are related to the profession, like little pills, a stethoscope and a cute nurse hat.
    Another nice personalized watch that I've found is a watch that is hanged from an eye catching pin with the word "nurse care" on it.
    A serenity prayer watch: this is a beautiful watch that looks like jewelry, and it also has the serenity prayer on it.

  • Customized watch for future doctors: Chiropractor, Dentist, EMT, LPN, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedic, Pediatrician, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Psychiatric, and Respiratory Therapist:
    Wow, it was a long list, and there are actually more professions than I could mention here (I didn't want you to fall asleep before I get to the point you see…)

    Anyway, those watches are cute and unique, and I believe that every time that your graduate looks at it to keep track of time he'll smile a little smile, just to himself.

  • More professions:
    Like the doctors watches you can find other professions watches, including: teachers, bankers (yap – the watch is full of tiny coins), musicians, accountants, administrative assistants, airline pilots, architects, artists, firefighters, flight attendants, lawyers, and many, many more.

    I'm not going to bore you with all the options, so go see for yourself you lazy…

  • Watches by hobbies:
    Food (pizza lovers and food lovers in general), sports: football, softball, animals, astrology, arts&creafts, music, dance.

  • Personalized graduation watch:
    A graduation watch with a cute graduation cap inside is also available. Look for it in the "special occasions" section.
    To see photos of all those watches visit
    The last two nurse watches which I mentioned before are available at

  • Personalized photo watches:

  • Photos go well with graduation, not to mention photo watches. You can choose any meaningful photo of the graduate by himself or together with you, and personalize the watch with it.
    I would choose a joint picture – I love gifts that remind the recipient of the person who gave them.

    Visit for more details.

  • Engraved watches invented a whole new system to help you customize watches. In fact, they actually allow you to design your own watch, using an innovative system, and then as addition – add your massage.
    They also allow you to add an image if you wish to.

Now what?

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