Time Capsule Ideas - Tips On Capturing Time In a Bottle.

Time Capsule Ideas

Time Capsule Ideas

A lively idea full of fun and which is unique is what you may be looking to do the party ambience with and here we are suggesting time capsule ideas.

You can now create your own party time capsule with some tips and tricks along with do’s and dont’s we have in store for you to make your party more enjoyable.

The capsule would entail the current scenario, the culture and trends and even memories that are always going to be special to you and your loved ones.

However, just like everything, here are some do’s and dont’s one should bear in mind while following the time capsule ideas program;

  • Inform everyone invited that they would be making a time capsule for themselves.
    The anticipation will create more excitement and this would mean that the guests would have a chance to plan on what they would want to bring along as a contribution for the time capsule and would also save time at the party.

  • Time Capsule Ideas
  • Make sure you have an appropriate container that you can use for the gig. Boxes prove to be too cumbersome so choose a big metal tin for the deal, like a tin for cookies. This would be sturdy and protect the contributions thereof keeping it dry and cool.

  • If there was something that happened on a positive note for example a cultural event or a historical celebration then do include that as well. Clip paper headlines, tv guides, magazine articles, supermarket listings, music ensembles, pictures of funny events etc and add them in the tin.

  • Time Capsule Ideas

  • Click away till you heart say shut, the more pictures you can take the better. Landmark pictures, which are here now and may not be in the future are a great addition to the time capsule pile.
    There have been many places we have visited as kids, like gardens, parks, beaches, which exists no more. These places if put in the pile and documented well on would have a meaning later.

  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to participate and if this is being done to honour the new graduates then pen down your feelings and put it in the pile. Don’t forget to add the name of the honourable newbie and also keep the time capsule unsealed for more to come in and finally,

  • For example if it is being done for high school graduation, you might want to open it when all the new high school graduates become college graduates, or even when they are all forty and all grown.

What you shouldn’t DO;

Time Capsule Ideas

  • Don’t keep a time capsule only for occasions that happen once in a lifetime, but do it as and when you feel like creating one.

  • Disregarding people’s creativity and ideas don’t do that!!

  • Pile the items neatly and don’t shove or throw them in, they may get damages and precious memories may be lost over time.

  • No food, liquids, chemicals, batteries or anything harmful please! And finally,

  • NO BURYING the time capsule, you either wont find it in one piece thanks to the elements that are not too friendly outside or YOU MAY JUST LOSE IT!!

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