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Unique Inexpensive Gifts

Unique Inexpensive Gifts

It is not true to say that there are no graduation gifts that can come cheap and yet reliable. In fact when you take a look around online or otherwise, one is flooded with choices and yet doesn’t have to have a burnt hole in their pockets.

There are many deals that are available that would cater to the need of unique inexpensive gifts that cost less than $100. Great bargains and last minute sales are the best places to hunt for gifts you would like to have for your young graduate who would now go out into the world and make a name for themselves.

Here are a few handy items that look expensive but they are indeed pocket friendly for both boys and girls.

  • In this tech age we must mention the idea of gifting a digital camera to the would be grad.

    Who wouldn’t want to own one of those babies? There are sales across the country with electronic stores flashing their wares at half price or more.

    So for less than a hundred dollars you can now have a digital camera for your kid. They sure would love you tons for this bling idea.
  • Unique Inexpensive Gifts

  • In this day and age cell phones are more of a necessity than luxury and if your teenager has been pestering you for one since a long time, maybe now is the time for you to get him or her the reward and below hundred at that.

    Check with the retailers who would be doing away with old phones or models and selling them off at throwaway prices.

  • Unique Inexpensive Gifts

  • Accessories, party clothes, bags and not forgetting the shoes for boys and girls, all in bulk packages come for below hundred dollars and would be a hit with the grads if they are conscious about what they wear and what they carry.

    Check with the closing season sales at malls and stores to find throwaway deals that could save you thousands of dollars.

  • Gift vouchers and gift cards are not to be mercilessly frowned upon since they are easily available and cheap alternatives as gifts below hundred dollars.

    One can get a voucher to an eatery or a membership to a gym for the whole year on a renewal basis for the young grad’s leisure time and this would come along for a price tag that would keep your wallet happy and way below a hundred dollar benchmark

  • To help you start your hunt after unique inexpensive gifts, we've made a list of sites that offer just what you are looking for:

    Esty.com: this is where people sell their handmade goods. You can find there amazing stuff, completely unique and if you dig a little bit – not expensive at all.

    ebay.com: no need to tell you more, they sell everything there and you can get true bargains; you just have to have the patience to look for them.

    kelkoo.com: this is one of the best comparison sites, after you've decided on the gift you want to give go there and choose your price.

    Pricerunner and shopping.com are also good websites for price compression.

    Quaffersoffers is a great site offering fair prices for wine and beer. If your graduate is in the drinking age, you should definitely consider this as an inexpensive unique gifting option.

Remember whatever the deal with unique inexpensive gifts you choose, make sure you attach a note that personalises your love and care for the grad in the making.

Words and quotes are priceless and the emotions involved count much more than what money can ever buy.

The possibilities of getting gifts below hundred are large, but it is the thought that would actually count and hence make you and your young adult ( child) happier in the long term, because you show you care and are now allowing the bird to fly off the nest.
Unique Inexpensive Gifts

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