Ideas for Unique Graduation Gifts: Unique Photo Gifts & Digital Photo Gifts

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Looking for unique photo gifts for graduation?

Graduation time is the perfect opportunity to give unique graduation gifts, after all, graduates get lots of gifts and you don't want your gift to be forgotten.

Unique photo gifts are the best of all unique graduation gifts.

You can put a photo of you and the recipient, making your friendship memorable, or you can just put the recipients' photo.

  • Photo purse/handbag/wallets: there are many services out there, offline and online, that offer photo purses & handbags.

    The online ones are very comfortable: you choose a bag style, and customize it with photos.

    The prices are very flexible – $12 - $200, you choose which service you want depends on your budget and the quality you desire.

  • Personalized magazine cover: this one you can also order online, which makes it easy and comfortable – you don't even have to leave your house.

    You choose the cover design, upload the photo and you choose what words are going to be on the cover.

    You get to approve the draft and then the cover just gets sent to you via mail. Creative and cheap – only $5 - $15.

  • A photo collage: a handmade photo collage can also make a great photo gift idea.

    It is easy to make and can be proudly hanged on the wall – which isn't always possible with other photo gifts.

  • A scrapbook & photo album: if you have many photos, this can be a very good gift idea for your friends.
    Scrapbooks and photo albums are sentimental and are always fun to look at.

  • Custom caricatures & portraits: you can have a caricature or a professional portrait made from a photo of the recipients.

    It turns a simple photo into a beautiful/ funny art. The pricing is reasonable - $30 - $150, depends on the size that you choose.

  • Photo & photo collage blanket and pillows: there is nothing better than a worming blanket and pillow that also have your photo on it.

    Maybe it'll make the recipient will dream about you…

  • Digital Photo Gifts:

  • Digital photo frame: this is one of the coolest digital photo gifts ideas.
    It holds hundreds of photos, so you don't have to choose between your favorite photos, and the price is reasonable – around $100.

  • Read digital photo frame reviews to learn some more.

  • Digital photo keychain: this is also a great choice if you are looking for inexpensive gift ideas.

    You can find in good digital keychain – I recommend the Tao 2009 80011-bla Digital Photo Key Chain. It costs only $10, and it has lots of advantages:

    It's light, easy to figure out and it has a slideshow feature.You can also put 99 photos inside so you can use all the pictures you love.

  • Personalized photo watches: watches are very popular gifts, although graduates don't really like getting them…

    So if you want to give a great watch that the recipient will live – make it a photo watch.

    The price is reasonable - $80 - $150.
    For a start, go to, they have a nice selection, and see from there.

  • If you loved those unique photo gifts, you might like these homemade graduation gifts. They are also creative and unique.

    Also, if you are looking for personalized gifts, stationary might make a good graduation gift.

    Personalized jewelry are also great grad gifts, and personalized candies are good graduation presents,too.

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