Birthday Gift in My Graduation - My Best Graduation Gifts

by suhasini saravanan

Best graduation gifts

I can never forget the gift I got on my birthday from my friends during my graduation. It was a sweet tiny wrist watch which I am wearing even now.

Whenever I see my watch I would remember my very old college days and our beautiful friendship. They gifted me a trendy watch as I was wearing a very old and dull appealing one.

The one I have now is very fashionable. I can change the dial and the strap every day to match my dress color. I did not expect one such gift. I was longing for one since many days and to my surprise they gifted me what I wanted badly.

We were five friends who had been together throughout our college life. We were called by the name five stars. Where ever we go we all will be together. This watch is the symbol of love. It reminds me about our friendship every minute, every second. It reminds me about my college days too. Graduation period is the best in my life. I enjoyed like anything and I am very proud to wear one of my graduation gifts every day. Kudos for our friendship. That's the end of my story :)

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