8 Unique and Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Graduation Gifts

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Creative gift wrapping ideas

Sometimes, it is not enough to get a good graduation gift. You should also think about the way you wrap it, and the way you give it.

If you do it right you'll get the wow! effect, which always good when it comes to gifts. So here are 8 creative and unique gift wrapping ideas that will create the wow! effect:

  • Inside a graduation cupcake:
    If the gift is a small sized one you can put it inside a graduation cupcake. It's pretty easy to bake those and the recipients' surprise will be complete.

    However – don't forget to tip the recipient about this certain surprise. You don't want him to eat the gift, do you?

  • Inside of graduation cap gift box:
    You can make a graduation cap and put the gift inside it.
    Try these instructions, but if you prefer to look for other instructions you can find them easily online.
  • If you prefer not making the graduation cap yourself you can buy a graduation cap gift box.

  • Inside a personalized candy bar:
    Putting a gift card inside a candy bar is a nice way to go, but even a nicer way would be – personalizing the candy bar first.
    Try these instructions from desktoppub.about.com by yourself, or if you prefer otherwise - just buy it.

  • Calendar pages:
    Highlight or circle the date of the graduation and wrap the gift with it. It is sentimental, meaningful and the graduate will be touched that you've thought about it.

  • Photo college wrapping:
    As you know - photos and graduation go together very well. So get some photos of the recipient, make a simple photo collage and wrap the gift with the most sentimental gift wrapping paper there is!

    There is actually a good chance that the graduates' will keep the wrapping just like the gift itself.

  • Comics gift wrapping:
    Comic papers are such great as gift wrapping because they are so colorful and…well, funny.
    Get some graduation cartoons and comics and wrap the gift with it!
    This is another way to make the recipient pay attention the wrapping as much as the actual gift.

  • Personalized gift wrap:
    Order from thestationerystudio.com a personalized gift wrap.
    You could personalize it with details of a certain graduate, like name and graduation date, or you can personalize it with a general graduation stuff- which is wiser, because that way you can use it to wrap all your graduation gifts.

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Plus, let me know if you have more creative gift wrapping ideas you would like to share!

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