Graduation Jewelry - Learn what Jewelry Make Great Graduation Gift Ideas

graduation jewelry

Let the graduation jewelry you are planning to make hold a special meaning for the one you want to give it to.

Remember an authentic piece of jewelry made with love and care would be a great piece as a keepsake for someone who is coming out of graduate school this time around.

You can have the jewelry lasting a lifetime if there is proper care given to them.

The tastes for styles and design would vary and customizations can be given to add a personal touch to them as well:

graduation jewelry

  • A good prestigious watch is a must when a graduate steps out of home for the first time into the big world and now you have the chance to further this magical timely moment by engraving the watch with a message that is personalized.

  • Dog tags are another way of making lovely graduation jewelry and getting them personalized, all you have to do is buy the tag and then put on it a personal motivational message.

  • graduation jewelry

  • Silver bracelets are charming and better still when the name of the graduate is engraved on it.

  • For those who wouldn’t like the bling, you can get them a key chain with their name and year of graduation engraved on it.

  • Personalize a charm bracelet with pictures taken in school and have a charm on it by placing a miniature version of a graduation cap or the pear put on the sterling bracelet.

  • For the sporty graduate who would be graduating you could give them a charm which has memories of their achievements, like a mini picture or an activity they were involved symbolizing how involved you are with their lives.

  • graduation jewelry

  • Lockets these days are worn both by men and women and if there is a family picture or a memory of the days gone by or someone special put inside the locket then it would make a lovely gift.

  • Even a necklace (unisex) with the name of the graduate on it in oxidized metal makes a funky gifting option.

  • For those with a tight purse a pair of earrings fort the women and a photo key chain for the men, engraved with their names at home make a wonderful gift.

  • You could also build or buy a box for them to keep all their small stuff like toiletries and accessories or all the small graduation gifts in it.

    Girls would use them for make up and jewelry whereas the boys can keep money or key rings in it.

graduation jewelry

The idea here is not to see how much you can spend, but what kind of sentimental and emotional value one can attach to the graduation jewelry engraved on or made at home.

Not necessarily a thousand dollars worth of good and products outside could do the same.

So have fun doling up new ideas as you make the jewelry sparkle with life and energy!!

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