I finally got one!... - My Best Graduation Gifts

by rochelle

Best graduation gifts

When I graduated from high school I asked my dad for an SLR Camera. I wasn't sure if he would get me one since it was so expensive. I decided to save up for it anyway, thinking that it was my only chance of getting one.

I really made it a point to reinforce to my parents that I really wanted the camera so I had to mention it every day and every night. Then when my graduation day came, nobody gave me anything. Not even a card that says "congratulations" when we got home, I opened my stash to check how much money I saved but it was not enough, I couldn't even afford to buy the camera bag with the money I saved.

When I went down for dinner, I was surprised to see a package on the dinner table, it says "congratulations honey"...I tore the wrapper and ripped the box open..It was an SLR camera, a complete set with a bag to store it on..I was so happy. I kept the camera and until now I still take great pictures with it.

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