Inexpensive Gift Ideas:Find Good Graduation Gift Ideas of Gifts That Cost Less Than $20

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Cheap Graduation Gifts

Inexpensive gift ideas are surprisingly easy to find, all you have to do is be a little creative:

  • $20 worth or less gift card:
    you can purchase for the graduate 20$ worth or less gift card to his favorite shop. Don't forget to wrap it up nicely.

  • A bottle opener that you can slide on the belt:
    Costs $15.99 and you can find it in A bottle opener is something that people always forget to bring with them!

    and it is always frustrating when you have a reason to celebrate, you have the drink – but you don't have the bottle opener. A new college student and a college graduate – they both don't live at home and they might find this gift handy.

  • Personalized Initial Tile Box: a beautiful box that can be a jewelry box or a good place to put important things in like pictures and stuff. this box costs exactly $20 bucks and it is also available it

  • Westport Triple Photo Charging Station: a charging station that has three charging spaces that lets you charge three electronic devices at ones. It is great especially for college students that have to share a room with other roommates. You can make it even more special and memorable by adding three photos of you and the graduate to the charging station. It costs 19 bucks, and you can find it at

  • 5-Head Floor Lamp: A beautiful lamp that the graduate can put in his room in college or in his new place. It is made of steel and it has blue tulip shade made of plastic. It is really pretty and with the right wrapping it will look much more expensive than the $19.99 that it actually costs. Look for it in

  • "Without faith nothing is possible" wall-art: this sentence especially fits the graduation time because this is a time of changes and challenges. Things might get difficult and then the graduate can look at his wall and read this: Without faith nothing is possible! Available at at the home décor - wall arts section, costs $20.

  • Thomas the Train Cuddle Pillow: A cute - cute pillow that the graduate can put on his (or more likely – her…) bed in the dorm to create a more homey feeling. It only costs $17.99 bucks at and it worth every penny.

  • If you are buying the gift for a college graduate who is going to work at a office, you can find at great unique office supplies:

    Takeout Menu Organizer: people who work at the office usually order in food. This tool will help the graduate organize all the restaurants and fast foods places in the area. It also has a pan and a special notepad so he can write down all the orders of his workmates. To make a long story short – the takeout menu organizer will make your graduate a very popular man…

    Aeropress Coffee Maker: A coffee maker that makes a tasty coffee and takes all the bitterness away. perfect for college students that drink lots of coffee in order to stay awake when they study to their tests.

    Here is a short movie that demonstrate the coffee maker in action

If you've found the inexpensive gift ideas here useful, you might want to look at the other parts of the inexpensive gift ideas section. You can find gift ideas of gifts that cost less than $10 and ideas on how to give a cheap gift without actually looking cheap.

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