My Best College Graduation gifts!

college graduation gifts

When I graduated from college I would have loved the following things:

A book about famous people who graduated from college and what they did right after graduation. Something to relieve my worries.

A head hunter. I would have loved to have someone work with me while looking for my first job. The university did an ok job but they have a few thousand students to be concerned about. I wanted one on one attention.

I got an awesome ring for my graduation and I loved it. I wasn't a class ring but my birth stone with diamonds. I lost it. If you are giving a gift to someone who loses things don't make it material. Give them something they can use like a head hunter.

I would have loved a brand new Mac book. I used a computer all through college and after 5 years it runs a lot slower.

I don't think clothes are a good idea unless it is a new suit for interviews. It depends on what the student is going to do.

I would have enjoyed someone taking me on a road trip across country to have one last moment of freedom before entering the craziness of life without parent's money.

Otherwise if it is just a 10-20 dollar gift I would much rather have a gift card for gas or cash.

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