My Best Graduation Gifts - I had been waiting so Long for it!

Best graduation gifts

I had been waiting so long for it!
Finally that day arrived: when I passed my last exam, all my family was waiting for me, and congratulated me. My dad had a gift bag, and I knew exactly what it contained: my new laptop!

I spent all day using it, and it was great. It was shiny and new. Had a lot of programs already installed, and it was top technology. I immediately started thinking about how much use I would give to it, and how helpful it would be for my career.

I also got other presents, of course, and they were all nice: a new suite, a beautiful pen, presentation cards which had my name on them followed by "lawyer", lots of new clothes, etc. But guess what: when I remember that day, I don't think about the laptop, which I first thought was the coolest and best gift ever.

I remember I felt great when I got it, and that I liked it very much, but there was something more important that day. There was a better gift. Because what I remember the most, and what really moves me when I think of that day, is something that is much more important and meant a lot.

It is my parents, and specially my dad, telling me how proud he was, with tears in his eyes. So I realized that money, or material things, means nothing if you don't have your family and friends near you. When you make them happy, when you make them proud, you finally are giving something back to them. And that, my friend, was the best gift ever, and it costs no money at all. Thank you!

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