My Best Graduation Gifts - Me and My Mobile!

by aruna

Best graduation gifts

In our college we were not allowed to use mobile phones and so there was a craze for mobile phones at that time. Still many students used to bring mobile phones to class hidden in a secret bag inside their handbag.

I wished I also have that guts to take one to the college. But my parents said that they will be getting one, once I complete my graduation. I was waiting for that day to complete my graduation and to get one mobile phone of my own.

I was eagerly collecting the numbers of all my friends. Finally the day when I finished the examination I demanded one, but again my parents said that I will have to wait till I get my results. I was counting each and every day. I had so many plans about the brands, design and color of the different mobile phones from which to select my mobile phone.

But before the results my parents one day called up and said” here is your graduation gift, take it.” I was very happy and surprised to see that touch screen mobile with all latest technologies such as camera, MP3 player, video, games and on top of it with fully paid plan. I was on top of the world and screamed out of happiness.

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