My Red Leather Briefcase was my Lucky Charm - My Best Graduation Gifts

by JeanS
(Richmond, Virginia)

Best graduation gifts

When I graduated from College, I hoped that I would not get another personalized Cross brand pen and pencil set. They seemed to be the de facto gift that everyone received and I personally hated these expensive, yet useless writing tools. Unfortunately, I received two Cross pen sets (one from my uncle Max and one from my boss), but I also got something that made me feel like I was a bona fide graduate on her way to a career.

My older brother got me a real leather briefcase. It was a beautiful red color, which I know is supposed to exude “power.” I know he paid a lot of money for it, and it made me feel very special, very confident whenever I packed it with my resumes and portfolio and went on job interviews. So many other people in my graduating class were hoping for cars, computers or other fancy gifts, but my leather briefcase was my lucky charm. Every interview that I went on with my red briefcase resulted in a job offer, and I ended up having to decide which employment offer I should take.

My red briefcase now is well-worn and it has stretched with the amount of papers I’ve stuffed inside. I’ve carried hundreds of lunches and dozens of other important items that I use every day. A real leather briefcase, portfolio or attaché case can be the perfect gift for the college graduate who is beginning his or her career. It can’t be vinyl or fabric; it has to be REAL leather. It turns a graduating senior into a professional business person!

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