My Thoughts about Graduation Gift Etiquette & Graduation Gift Standard

by Rachel

graduation gift etiquette

Graduation Gift Etiquette

I recently graduated high school and my parents threw me a party. All of my family and friends were invited. Among my group of friends it was our general consensus that we were not going to spend our much needed money on presents for each other. Instead we all attended each others’ graduation parties, and planned one final beach trip the week before we all moved away to school. To us, spending time together was more important than spending money on each other.

My family, on the other hand, overwhelmed me with the amount of gifts they gave me. Most family members just gave cash or a check, because most admitted they were not really sure what college students these days need. If you are not sure what your graduate needs, this is definitely the way to go. Otherwise you risk taking the chance that whatever it is you spend your money on will never get used. I preferred getting money to gift cards and presents, because I made the money stretch much further than expected.

My best friend and I did exchange gifts, but it was more for sentimental reasons than anything else. All throughout high school each of us had been working on a small scrapbook of the times we had spent together, and after graduation, we exchanged them. To me this was far more valuable than any amount of money she could have given or spent on me.

So this is what I think about graduation gift standard...

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