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Free printable picture frames are easy to find and there are some great looking ones available out there.This is what makes them the perfect frames if you are on a budget.

Graduation is a busy time – lots of gifts to get, lots of cards to write…so I've decided to save you time, do the research for you and send you to the best places on the net to find free printable photo frames.

  • Lets start with the creative studio site.

    This site offers 52(!!) printable photo frames, all of them are very pretty and the whole printing process is very easy.

  • The HP site offers one printable graduation photo frame.
  • Another idea - which I find very unique-is putting the graduates' picture on a magazine cover picture frame.

    Normally, this kind of service would cost money, but here you get to print it at your own home and it doesn’t cost you any money at all. What's better than that?

  • What to print your picture frame on?

    Like the cards – the best paper is coated paper. The colors look better and the whole image is brighter and prettier.

    How To Create Magnetic Pictures Frames?

    Creating magnetic photo frames is actually very simple – you use the same frames that you would use for regular frames, but instead of a usual coated paper you use printable magnetic paper.

    It is available in, a pack of five costs $10-$19. It is not the cheapest paper to use but it allows you to create gifts that literally - stick...

    A magnetic photo frame would cost $10, so why create one by yourself? Well, this is simply a matter of choice – when you make your own frame you get to decide what it will look like.

    When you purchase one your choices is more limited.

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