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unique graduation gifts

It's not easy to find unique graduation gifts. Sometimes you get the feeling that you've seen it all, and there is nothing new to see and experience.

Well…good news! There are still personalized graduation gifts that can surprise you: here are the gifts that I find surprising, funny, refreshing…whatever, as long as they are not gifts that graduates see every day.

Birth stone and birth stone jewelry:birth stone gift will mean a lot to someone who likes such things.
You can give a birth stone, which is a nice gift by itself, and you can also give a birthstone jewelry – which is even better.
Read about birthstones
and find a way to squeeze some relevant information or maybe even advice – based on what you know.

Lucky number gifts:same as birthstones, lucky numbers are very important to people who believe in them. Even if you don't believe that a number can significantly influence somebody's' life, the recipient does and this might make all the difference for him.
You can find lucky number t-shirts, lucky number jewelry and more.

Personalized mouse pad: if the graduate is a geek, he might love getting a personalized mouse pad.
You can add words of encouragement, humorous comments and frankly – anything you want.

Photo collage mouse pad:a photo collage mouse pad is a more sophisticated version of a regular personalized mouse pad.
It is also more visual – which is always better.You can put lots of photos of you can the graduate, and every time he use it he'll think of you.

Personalized fleece blankets: personalized fleece blanket is a very unique graduation gift. it might seem like nothing special – but in college, far away from home, it will be well appreciated, trust me.

Personalized flip-flops:personalized flip-flops are one of the most original graduation gifts online I know.
Who would think of personalizing flip-flops?And yet – someone has thought about it and it does have a few advantages: it’s a great conversation opener; it sets you from the crowd and makes sure that your flip-flops stay yours…

Personalized m&ms: I know I've already talked about it but I just can't get over it.
How cute are those?! You can personalize them with the date of graduation, the recipients' photo or just a few words.
I used to know someone that was used to carrying with him m&ms wherever he went. He said that every time something bad happened to him he could make himself feel better by eating some m&ms.

I just think that every college bound can use an energy lift every now and then…

Personalized USB keychain:this is a good graduation gift for every graduate. Everybody use USB these days and geeks who love their computer accessories will be more than happy to get a personalized USB.

Photo bookmark:most people don't even pay attention to bookmarks, but they will pay attention to this one!
Photo bookmark makes a useful gift, that also personalized and unique.

Personalized flowers: how about sending flowers that have the graduates' name, date of graduation on them?
I know it sounds impossible but it is actually true – there are services that offer personalized flowers, and now you can send the most special flowers bouquet the graduate ever seen in his life.

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